The HIA is the Hersey Instrumental Association—basically, the band boosters. The HIA is a non-profit organization, whose purpose is to enhance the band program at Hersey. The HIA board consists of six elected officers (who are band parent volunteers) and the band director. Voting members of the HIA are the parents/guardians of all students participating in band or flags. The HIA board meets monthly and general meetings are held every other month.

Contact Information

President: Victoria Janmohammed
[email protected]

Vice President: Todd Niemiec
[email protected]

Project Chair: Kristin McElmeel                                                                                                   [email protected]

Corresponding Secretary: Jocelyn Lapid
[email protected]

Treasurer: Eric Junkel
[email protected]

Recording Secretary: Debbie Popp                                                                        

[email protected]

Fundraiser Participation

The John Hersey High School band program does not exist without the generous participation of our families in our fundraisers. Some fundraisers are not vital to our existence but exist primarily for families to put money in student accounts to help pay for expenses (Cheesecake, Magazine Sale, Manna). Other fundraisers are absolutely essential to the operating budget of our program. Without these fundraisers the experience of all students in our program would be dramatically affected. The Chicagoland Band Festival and In Good Taste wine tasting fundraiser are our two most important fundraisers of the year and we need all parents to participate in some way on these two events (non-drinkers can easily participate in In Good Taste via the silent auction, raffles or even purchase a non-alcohol ticket if they choose).

 Who should attend the HIA general meetings?

All parents are invited to and should attend the HIA meetings. It is the best way to stay updated on the latest news, changes, announcements, volunteer opportunities and more. It is also an ideal way for the HIA board to stay in touch and connected with the band families. In addition, all parents/guardians of band students are voting members of this body so it is important if you want your opinion to be heard!