2020 CICBF – April 4th

T-shirts and Hoodies available for order

Pre-order at a discounted price to assure you get the sizes you want.

The easiest way to order before the festival is on the Hersey Band website, by using the PayPal link below.

  • Pre-orders must be received no later than March 20th.

(the back design is list the names of schools performing)

T-shirts & Hoodies will be sold at the Festival, but quantities will be limited. (Last year the Hoodies sold out!)  Think about pre-ordering—but Hurry! Pre-order deadline is March 20th .  Orders taken after March 20th cannot be guaranteed to be available in every size.

Hersey Orders will be available for pick-up at Hersey on Friday April 3rd for Hersey families from 5:00 to 7:00 pm and on the day of the festival starting at 9:00 am.

All other pre-orders, pick-up day of festival starting at 10:00am.

T-Shirt & Hoodie Day-of-Festival Pricing: 

  • T-shirts (circle size):S, M, L, XL @ $15.00 each
  • T-shirts (circle size): XXL, XXXL @ $18.00 each
  • Hoodie (circle size):S, M, L, XL @ $25.00 each
  • Hoodie (circle size): XXL, XXXL @ $28.00 each

If you prefer to send in a payment via check (Hersey families), click here for a printable order form. Payments should be placed in the box in Mr. C’s office. All other pre-orders should be an online order found below.

Orders are not being taken online now due to cancellation of the festival.

Full refunds will be made via PayPal.