Volunteer Jobs

Thank you. Sign up coming soon!

Our Volunteer needs will be different this year due to the virtual format of the event. A sign up for limited volunteers will be made available soon.


Your participation is crucial to the success of this event and we do ask that each parent takes on a volunteer shift for the Festival set up (Friday evening/night) or at the Festival (Saturday). We anticipate a very busy and fun day, so every minute you can spare will be helpful. Please take a moment to read through the following information. If you have questions, please contact us

Attire: We’d like to have a uniform look for the day so we are offering a fantastic, NEW 2021 CICBF T-shirt designed by our very own Maxmilian Weiss (alumni, class of 2017) with a bold and classy appearance.  Pre-orders are online here and are due by March 18th.

Please view the T-Shirt flyer for details and purchase your T-Shirt at the festival.  Wearing the new shirts will help promote the T-shirt sale, at the festival. With enough interest, we will also sell this design on sweatshirts for the first time this year. If you choose not to order a newly designed T-shirt, please wear a Hersey band orange shirt. Any questions about ordering contact us. Thank you!

Volunteer Training Meeting: All volunteers are asked to attend this meeting to learn the logistics of the job that you have signed up to work.  With our new performance room and increase in band participants, many aspects of the festival have changed.  So, to help you feel confident and make the shift changes easier, we ask for about 30 minutes of your time to acclimate to your job.

Job Descriptions: There are jobs to fit practically any physical ability level (i.e., not all the jobs are hard labor!). In addition, if the shifts don’t work for your schedule, please let us know. We are more than willing to work with you on this.
Please note, this document shows ALL shifts. Depending on responses, some of these shifts may no longer be available. If you would like more information before volunteering, please contact us . Or if you are ready to volunteer, please Click Here to sign up for a job/work shift on the volunteer schedule.



SET UP CREW on Friday evening

  • We need 25 parents to help set up the school classrooms, performance rooms, warm-up rooms, clinic rooms, and hallways for the event.  This shift is on Friday (day before CICBF) from 5 pm until the job is done that evening.

CLEAN UP CREW – late Saturday evening

  • We need 25 parents to help put away equipment after the event and restore the classrooms.
  • The shift is on Saturday evening after the final concert and continues until clean up is complete.

SIGNAGE PLACEMENT on Friday evening & Saturday morning

  • We need 3 parents on Friday night to hang signs throughout the building for the ticket sales, directions, homerooms, etc.
  • We need 2 parents on Saturday morning at 8am to hang outside signage.

SIGNAGE TAKEDOWN – late Saturday evening 

  • We need 3 parents to take down signs at the end of the evening and place them in storage.


  • Coordinate and oversee student volunteers who will set up the performance stage for each band, using specific instructions/layout provided for each band. Help keep set up team on schedule and signal Band Hold Monitor when the stage is ready for the next band to enter.  We have three performance stages: the Carter Gym, Black Box Theater and East Gym.


  • Make sure that homerooms are locked when bands leave and re-opened when bands return. Ensure that there is always an adult present while students are in the homerooms. Monitor noise level and traffic in hallways.       Notify the Office when bands leave for the day.  This job is ideal for a parent that would like to read a book/newspaper, or work on a laptop during the down time.


  • When bands come out of their warm-up room, you hold them in the hallway until you receive the signal from the Stage Coordinator that the stage is ready. Monitor the traffic flow between the band holding areas and performance areas.  Offer directions as needed.


  • Monitor the warm-up rooms to make sure the bands keep on schedule.  Hold up signs when bands have “five minutes” left and when “time is up.” Bands that perform in the Carter Gym will warm-up in the Library; bands that perform in the Black Box Theater will warm-up in the Titre Room; and bands that perform in the East Gym will warm-up in the Choir room. The first band to perform on each stage will warm up on their stage.


  • Monitor the running time of the clinics to make sure the Evaluators keep on schedule.  Hold up signs when the Evaluators have “five minutes” left and when “time is up.” Bands that perform in the Carter Gym will have their clinic in the Band Room or Orchestra Room.  Bands that perform in the Black Box Theater will have their clinics in the Black Box.  Bands that perform in the East Gym will have their clinics in the East Gym


  • Sell tickets and distribute programs inside the main front entrance, west rear entrance, and Black Box Theater entrance.


  • We need about 45 parents overall to work in the concessions area selling food and beverages in the line or at the cookie & water stations in the cafeteria hallway and near the Black Box Theater. Kitchen prep, re-stocking items, cleaning tables, and other duties are assigned as needed.


  • This position calls for a person who is comfortable exchanging money and counting change in a fast paced environment.


  • Greet bands and attendees at the front entrances, and provide directions or escort bands to their assigned homerooms.


  • Front Entrance: Greet the buses as they arrive and give the driver directions to parking in the basin.
  • Basin Parking Lot: Direct bus parking, monitor traffic flow in/out
  • West Rear Entrance: Monitor bus traffic as bands depart from JHHS.


  • Check wristbands, open and hold doors between performances, greet & thank guests
  • Keep nearby area quiet during performances


  • This position is for someone who would enjoy taking pictures of the day’s events and has their own equipment.


  • Sell festival T-shirts and buttons in front of the Black Box and Carter Gym performance areas. Volunteers should be comfortable handling money and assisting with sizing.

We always need parents to fill in with unexpected openings.  If you are not fussy, this is a great way to help us out, just send an e-mail to [email protected] and let us know what shift AM/PM you are available.

If you cannot find the Festival information you need here, please feel free to contact us.