For Hersey Students

The Fest Saturday, April 10, 2021, 10:00am – 9:30pm
Student Information Packet

Thanks for your help with our biggest and most important fundraiser. We need your help in several ways. Ad sales for our Festival program are a key part of what you can do to help the festival. And we will also need your help on Friday after school and evening and Saturday. Please check in the main office when you arrive, then check with your student coordinator throughout your shift for continued instructions, and if you have any questions.  Remember that you will be assigned to attend a brief instructional meeting (required) to help you understand your duties. We’re so grateful to have your help and be the representatives of our school to our guests!

Sponsorship Sales: You should have received two sponsorship brochures to help you sell ads and/or sponsorships for the Festival. If you need additional brochures, you can access them here.

Check-IN & What to Bring: Please check in at the main office at the beginning of your shift. Please bring a cell phone with you, have it on while you are at school, and confirm that the main office has your correct cell number when checking in. This will help in case we need to contact you for help or a question.

What to Wear: No T-shirts, gym shoes, jeans or casual sandals. Boys should wear collared shirts, comfortable dress shoes and casual dress pants (like khakis). Girls should wear conservative, appropriate clothing. 
: Students should bring all uniform parts for your concert.

If you cannot find the Festival information you need here, please feel free to contact us.